Media Business Insight | Values
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Our public Editorial policy on diversity


MBI is committed to ensuring diverse voices are heard and featured across our publications and platforms in the media industry content and coverage we produce. We require all staff and contributors to ensure their work across news, features, and comment, reflects a diverse range of people and views across the media sectors we cover. We will strive for a diversity and plurality of views and people on all our platforms including print, digital and live events. In practical terms this means we will do all we can to ensure a range of gender, race and minority groups and voices are represented in our coverage and content and in our editorial teams. We will carry out regular reviews of our output and activity to ensure we are delivering on this commitment.

Our values

We are motivated to make a positive impact for all.

We are confident, determined, and resilient.

We own our actions and can be trusted to do what is right


We are hungry for knowledge and embrace innovation.

We are open-minded and make fact-based decisions.

We are fast, flexible, and welcome change.



We work together to help our customers and colleagues succeed.

We communicate clearly, openly, and simply.

We combine our resources to find opportunities and achieve the best outcome.