Media Business Insight | KFTV
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Starting off as a print directory more than 50 years ago, KFTV has evolved into a comprehensive online directory and information hub for the international media production community.

KFTV allows you to search for film, TV and commercials production services around the world.


Production managers, line producers, producers, art directors, location managers and other production personnel search the website for anything from studios to camera equipment and from service companies to accountants.


Users of the website can find specific companies, locations, credits or services.


On top of this, KFTV offers useful production guides for various territories – so they can make informed decisions about the country in which they will be filming – and offers daily industry news from around the globe. Both are promoted in bi-weekly bulletins that are sent to over 20,000 production professionals.


‘KFTV is indispensable. I use the website for finding international crew and services.’

Doug Merrifield,
Production Manager, Pirates
of the Caribbean II & III, 47 Ronin