Media Business Insight | Broadcast Intelligence
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Broadcast Intelligence

A new level of intelligence, developed with leading production companies and broadcasters.

Launched in 2018, the Broadcast Intelligence platform offers up-to-date information on the UK and international media landscape through its three tools:


Programme Index – A research tool giving you access to more than 18,000+ greenlit shows from UK and US channels plus SVoDs. The database is searchable by genre, subject, commission year, production company and channel. It allows users to research new ideas, check on key personnel, find out about the latest commissions and supports their development process. Find out more here.


Commissioner Index – The only place to get up to date information on current content needs and pitch preferences for hundreds of UK, US & SVoD commissioners. Individual profiles highlight commissioning needs, slot availabilities and pitch preferences, allowing those producing content to tailor their pitch and sell their ideas. Find out more here.


Industry Reports – Make informed business decisions with high quality, downloadable reports by our team of researchers. Researched first-hand these reports take an in-depth look at channel, broadcaster and streamer strategies, analysing programme buying, not only from a commissioning point of view but also from a producer’s, agent’s and distributor’s standpoint.

BI iMac 2020

‘The Commissioner Index is the no.1 tool for finding out exactly what commissioners need and how we can develop ideas catering to their specific briefs’

Mighty Productions