Media Business Insight | ALF
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ALF is recognised as the best source of in-depth new business intelligence within the UK marketing and advertising industry for over 30 years.

ALF puts a world of new business intelligence at your fingertips and helps you grow your business by giving you easy access to decision-makers at UK brands and their associated agencies. It allows you to target your prospects more efficiently, and saves you valuable time and money by sourcing information that is not readily-available.


ALF allows you to build a picture of business relationships with intelligent linking between advertisers, their incumbent agencies and their brands, and cut straight through to the relevant contacts. It also provides you with the complete picture of who is responsible for a brand’s marketing spend and how that budget is being spent.


Our research team constantly monitors industry changes and updates ALF daily to ensure our information is always current and up-to-date. ALF includes information on the top 6,000 UK advertisers across 33 market sectors, more than 930 agencies, 17,900 brands and 34,000+ decision-makers.


‘Alf remains an integral part of our business. We find both the contact data and the wider brand background context and intel contained within the system extremely valuable. There’s a good reason we’ve been a customer for 10+ years. ’

Gary Wilkes,
Group Account Director, Ingenuity